Profile Measuring System 2600C is from Tokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd. that was founded in 1949. This device’s characters as following:

- Automatic element judging function (AI function) that eliminates the need of manual entry on points, lines, and circles.
- Dimension line display function for displaying measured values.
- Profile data synthesizing function.
- Work trace function for setting the measuring range through manual tracing.
- Peak and valley function to determine the workpiece maximum point for easier alignment.
- Calculation point repeating function that facilitates the analysis of workpieces having repetitive profiles.



Roundness Measuring System 45A is from Tokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd. Which was founded in 1949. This device has following characters:

- Has a high-precision, high-durability ceramics column.
- Contains centering and tilting help functions. (Patent pending)
- Allows combination of a roundness evaluation method.
- Uses an IC memory card, offering user-oriented expandability.
- Contains the pass/fail judgment function by setting allowances.
- Contains automatic eccentricity correction and automatic tilt correction functions.

- Realizes rotation accuracy 0.01.
- Optimum for cylindrical profile analysis of high-precision automobile and electric parts.
- Enables high-speed alignment, highest in this class of measuring instruments.
- Adopts static-pressure air bearings in the guides for rotating and rectilinear portion.
- Contains the TIMS software excellent in user-interface