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China-America Source Program
You can deal directly with China and all of its manufacturers without ever leaving the United States.

Wanxiang America Corp. is a United States chartered corporation that is the "Factory Connection". Wanxiang is American staffed, and controls the manufacturing and design operations of Chinese companies.

* Make your deal and buy in the U.S.A.
* Work with an American design staff.
* Receive certified samples before you commit to an order.
* Products guaranteed to match your approved sample.
* Get a guaranteed delivered price.
* Receive your goods duty-free in any U.S.city.
* Pay for your goods upon receipt in U.S. Dollars.
* Get guaranteed quality.

Wanxiang America Corporation provides the source requirements for many American Companies and now offers a complete line of support for products in almost any field.
If you have a product not being made in China or are considering having products made in China, you need to be in contact with Wanxiang America.

Call: China Source, Wanxiang America,
Mike Schaal, General Manager

Wanxiang America Corporation / Contact Info:
Pin Ni, President
Gary E. Wetzel, COO/CFO
John M. Breslin, CPA, Vice President, Operations/Finance
Michael J. Schaal, General Manager
88 Airport Road
Elgin, IL 60123
Phone: 847-622-8838
Fax: 847-931-4838
E-Mail: pni@wanxiang.com (Pin Ni)
E-Mail: gwetzel@wanxiang.com (Gary E. Wetzel)
E-Mail: jbreslin@wanxiang.com (John Breslin)
E-Mail: mschaal@wanxiang.com (Michael J. Schaal)